osCmax 2.5RC2 template - Superfish Compromise

This template extends the Compromise template that is supplied with osCmax 2.5 RC2, to give a horizontal Category list. Using the same Superfish jquery mechanism as can be found within the Admin. console, it appears to be a 'good fit'.
No attempt has been made to resolve any existing problems with Compromise, nor significantly change the CSS that is supplied with the osCommerce Superfish contribution. To get a good visually workable solution, some modification will be needed by the implementor. Given that colours and images are likely to be changed to match any given site, then this shouldn't be too much of an issue and this submission should be viewed in this context.
If someone should commission a more polished version of this template by ejSolutions, then it may appear here at some later date.
Meantime, if this proves to be of use to you, then please comment on the osCmax forum, or better still send a small PayPal donation via the main ejSolutions website.

Download osCmax Superfishcomp template

By ejSolutions Last updated: 28 January 2012, 18:54