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Get your osCmax e-commerce webshop hosted on SaferCloud.

UK and USA based optimised high performance Cloud VPS environment.

Secure, speedy and dependable installations by ejSolutions.
Automated installer via Softaculous, where required.

If you already have a site using osCommerce, why not give osCmax a look?
Based on the same foundations as osCommerce, osCmax has numerous pre-installed contributions, helping to
enhance both administrative tasks and the customer experience. For a relatively small monthly cost, you could
have your new webstore up and running in next to no time - even if it's just for a trial, as there's no lengthy
contract to tie you.

Softaculous osCmax Installer

Specialist osCmax Hosting

Catering for osCmax 2.0.25, 2.0.35 (unofficial) and 2.5
Ensure that your site runs as efficiently as possible and in a dependable manner. Don't trust your asset to a 'run of the mill' shared hosting provider. Reap the benefits of being hosted on Safercloud.com, a Cloud-based VPS solution that is proactively monitored, to give a consistent and reliable service.

Seen on another website:
.. there is no single specialized web host for osCMax. If you see some web hosts claim that they are specialists in hosting osCMax websites, they are only trying to attract new customers. ... They lie about who they are and what they can and will do... most web hosts can handle osCMax websites. You just need to choose a reliable web hosting service and install osCMax into your account.

Wrong! A bold and untrue statement!

Yes, there are many 'generic' hosting providers that you can install osCmax with; wait until you require something more than the standard installation. Do they know how to install contributions/modifications in accordance with the osCmax structure? Do they understand the differences between osCommerce and osCmax? Are they up-to-date with the latest releases, in addition to developments and bug fixes? Are their servers tuned specifically to meet the needs of an e-commerce site?

http://ejsolutions.co.uk - ecommerce hosting by an osCmax Development Team & VIP Member.
- osCmax hosting from the founder and "Boss" of osCmax.

There are no lies here: see for yourself, on the osCmax forum.


osCmax Hosting

From £6.50/calendar month
FREE osCmax hosting sampler option - limited stock, so be quick!!

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